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We very much regret the due to the current coronavirus restrictons we have had to cancel all Tigerfolk meetings until the Autumn, and cannot guarantee that the guest bookings for the rest of the year will go ahead. We are trying to reschedule booked guests where possible for 2021. Keep in touch by signing up for our monthly online newsletter or via our Facebook page (Tigerfolk - formerly Traditions at the Tiger)


Below is the intended programme for 2020, just so that you have some kind of idea of the way the club runs in more normal times.



The names in the programme list link to notes further down the page and, where they exist, I have hyperlinked the artist's names to their websites  - or to any website that might give more information about them -so you can find out more about them there.

I was interested to see how many self-effacing singers who've never felt the need to create themselves a site can now be found on Wikipedia!

This leaves me free to ramble on in an entirely personal manner here ...







January 5th   


New Year Sing


July 5th


Paul Anderson and Shona Donaldson

February 2rd Jez Lowe


On Holiday - buckets, spades & umbrellas
March 1st
Kevin and Ellen Mitchell September 6th
Barry and Ingrid Temple
April 5th
Mike Wilson October 4th
Sing with Well Seasoned

(Charity night for Rainbows)

May 3rd
Singing in the May November 1st Peta Webb and Ken Hall
June 7th
Tyburn Road December 6th
Tom McConville



New Year Sing:   Our traditional start to the year; come along and sing your hearts out and the New Year in!

Jez Lowe   What a way to celebrate our Birthday night - For my money, Jez is one of - no, the best songwriter on the folk scene. He's a real people's bard: great stories about folk real and imaginary, often comic, always pointed, relevant and powerful. Intelligent songs, thought-provoking but always entertaining - I reckon Jez is a Brechtian like me - Brecht said that if you wanted to teach people , first you had to entertain them and Jez does that in spades! Happy Birthday to us!

(Photo taken at Grand Union Club quite a long time ago, possibly 2013)

Kevin and Ellen Mitchell       Kevin from Derry, with a seemingly inexhaustible fund of Northern Irish songs, from ballads to comic ditties and everything in between; Ellen from Glasgow, a respected tradition bearer of the songs she learned from the likes of Jeannie Roberton. This couple are long time favourites of the club but it's been quite a few years since they visited us and a return is long overdue.

Mike Wilson     The youngest member of the famous family lineup, Mike has been touring with Damien Barber for quite a few years now - the hyperlink goes to a website for this duo - before finally branching out to do some gigs on his own. If you've heard Mike do a solo spot at a festival somewhere (or already got hold of his solo album) you'll know just what a wide variety of material he will pack into a set; Mike has a discriminating ear for a song which is different, striking and memorable and has introduced me for one to a whole number of such. It's also nice to have the opportunity to relish his mellow voice on it's own rather than as one fifth of the roof-raising harmony sound. A quiet, modest, unassuming sort of a chap and one hell of a good singer.

Singing in the May:    Whatever you did on the First of May - trod the frost off the ground around the Maypole on the village green, watched the Morris on top of a local hill, followed The Old Oss or took part in a Worker's Parade - now it's time to gather in the Upstairs Room at the Stumble and sing about it all over again. Local singer Paul Mansfield will be giving a feature spot; with Paul's eclectic tastes and repertoire this is bound to be an interesting set and we can be sure of some interesting stories with the songs.

Tyburn Road     Maybe a name you don’t know but they are artists that you certainly are familiar with.  Dave Townsend and Ian Giles have been old mates knocking around the folk scene of Oxford and its environs for more time than they care to remember or would admit to.

The Mellstock Band, The Christminster Singers and The Lost Chord are just some of the groups that Dave is involved with and his West Gallery workshops are legendary.  Many a folk festival would be the poorer without them. Likewise, Ian is well known for his work with Magpie Lane and the Oxford Waits and for both of them, what about Aunt Marys’ Canaries?  Together they bring concertina, melodeon(s), hurdy-gurdy, percussion and who knows what else.  They are regulars at the Harwich Shanty Festival and their CD “Rogues and Vagabonds” has been received with critical acclaim.

Steeped in the tradition, Tyburn Road is a perfect fit Tigerfolk and an excellent night of music, singing, wit and repartee is expected, nay, guaranteed.  Now don’t feel missed out but the hirsute amongst us will certainly feel at home!

Paul Anderson and Shona Donaldson I have linked each of this couple separately to YouTube videos rather than to Paul's website. We know them well for performing together but with two young budding musicians to raise at home, its not very often we have a chance to see them both. Paul is one of the finest and most acclaimed fiddlers in Scotland today, touring across Europe and America and working everywhere from concert halls with classical orchestras playing his own tradition-based compositions, to kirks (Paul's original work again) to Town Halls to folk clubs. Shona is also a fine fiddler but is better known for her unaccompanied singing. The first female to win the Bothy Ballad singing title, Shona also has a seemingly inexhaustible knowledge of the history behind the great ballads of the north-east region around her native Huntly; when she sings these, I can tell you, the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Then she'll move on to a tender love song or a comic bothy ballad - or take up her fiddle and join Paul. You won't get many chances to see this pair around the East Midlands and they really are something special - trust me. Photo shows Shona and Paul in the Sea Angling Club in Howth in 2011.

Barry and Ingrid Temple   Old friends of the club who surely need no introduction ... oh, alright then. Wonderful singers from Tyneside, who have collaborated over the years with many others from that productive hive of great music and song, most recently Jim Mageen, but who are also very well practised at singing separately and together as a duo. Ingrid has a voice every bit as lovely as her smile and a range running from sentimental ballad to lively comic song; Barry's well-tempered baritone takes the lead to Ingrid's harmony line when they sing together then branches out into solos on a wide range of subjects, but always with a good punch to the storyline. He's also written a lot of cracking songs, some so well known across the scene that many people don't even know he wrote them - in danger of becoming a traditional writer, you might say, in the steps of other great Tyneside bards from the past like Thomas Doubleday or Tommy Armstrong.   Photo taken June 2019, at a singaround in Yorkshire, so rather more recent than others on this page, but fuzzy quality due to low light and extreme zoom; sorry!

Well Seasoned is a group of friends who have knocked  around local folk clubs and each other for more years than they care to remember and who come together towards the back end of each year to raise funds for Rainbow's Children's Hospice in Loughborough.  Their repertoire consists of a local mumming play or two and seasonal songs which are performed as much for their own enjoyment as that of their, sometimes, unsuspecting audiences.  Thousands of pounds have been raised by Well Seasoned over the last few years and the October night at Tigerfolk will kick off their fund raising for the forthcoming festive season. They will be pleased to see and entertain you and will be even more delighted when you donate loads of dosh for Rainbows......bring your purses, wallets, credit cards etc. and give to Rainbows Hospice this most worthy of children's charities.

Peta Webb and Ken Hall    Peta and Ken run the Musical Traditions Club in London, one of the best in the country (after Tigerfolk, of course!); for many years they have also run the Traditional Night Out at Whitby Folk Week, one of the best reasons for going to that festival. But above all, they are great singers, whose repertoire draws from  Ireland and America as often as from closer to home. They have been our guests many times over the years and it's never too soon to see them back at the club.

Tom McConville    (I have been having a lot of trouble making hyperlinks to Tom's websites work - if this doesn't succeed, just go on the internet and search for yourself!)   This will be a treat! Another great musician from Tyneside, one of our greatest fiddlers and a real expert on the music and song of Newcastle and the surrounding area; a special influence is the music of James Hill, as anyone who saw his recent touring show about that fiddler's life will know. It's a few years now since we've had Tom as out guest and it will be really good to welcome him back. He's more often seen these days playing either with his own band or in various collaborations, so this is a rare chance to see him on his own. Quite a special Christmas present!