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This is the 2017 programme of guests so far booked to appear at TATT.


Past experience shows that there may be additions and changes as the year progresses; the page will be updated as soon as humanly possible when these occur.


The names in the programme list link to notes further down the page and, where they exist, I have hyperlinked the artist's names to their websites  - or to any website that might give more information about them -so you can find out more about them there. I was interested to see how many self-effacing singers who've never felt the need to create themselves a site can now be found on Wikipedia! This leaves me free to ramble on in an entirely personal manner here ...



January 7th   


New Year Sing


July 1st


Moira and Malcolm Craig

February 4th Brian Peters


On Holiday - buckets, spades & umbrellas
March 4th
   t.b.c. September 2nd

Autumn Singaraound
April 8th
Tom Lewis


October 7th
50 Shades of Grey & Embrace
May 6th

Singing in the May

November 4th Dave Goulder
June 3rd
Sarah Matthews and Doug Eunson December 2nd
Martyn Wyndham-Read


  New Year Sing:         Our traditional start to the year, and the calendar this year means that there's time for us all to have got over the holidays a bit and be in need of a bit of a cheerful night out - see you there to start off the post Christmas period as we mean to go on!


Brian Peters         Brian's links to our club go right back to it's founding and he was probably the first person to get in touch when we decided to organise a memorial night for Roy Harris. Birthday parties are for inviting old friends and this year we're very pleased to have Brian as our guest of honour. Perhaps I should say that we are honoured as well; Brian is recognised as one of the leading performers of, and authorities on English Folk Song; witness his work on the project to bring the New Singing Penguins to life a year or two back. There just isn't room here to go into all the projects and collaborations in which Brian has been involved; follow the link to his website to catch up. It's nice to know that he still counts as a local lad (if Glossop isn't straining the definition of local).


Tom Lewis         Now this really will be something different. Tom has been singing around the Sea Song and Shanty scene for a very long time, sharing the stage with the likes of Jim Mageen and Johnny Collins, compared to Cyril Tawny for his song writing, not least in the way his songs have entered the tradition to the extent that they are often mistaken for "traditional" (i.e. anonymous). But when did you last get the chance to see him solo in a club? For one thing, when he retired from the Navy he and his wife settled down in Canada. Then they changed their minds and came back to start travelling the canals of England; and this is our chance - you'll be sorry if you miss it, believe me. 


Sarah Matthews and Doug Eunson         I feel I should declare a personal interest before writing about Sarah and Doug; but I won't (or that could disbar me from writing about half the artists who appear at the club). I do remember that they were the very first guests that the present management booked to appear at the club when we all stepped in at short notice following the shock of Andy Leith's sudden death in 2005. In those days, Sarah and Doug were just starting out on the UK folk scene; a dozen and more years down the line and they have numerous CDs, many bands and more collaborations (see Morai, in Sarah's case) to their names. It will be really good to have them back as the basic duo again. Will Doug bring the Hurdy Gurdy???


Moira and Malcolm Craig         Guess what? No websites for Moira as a solo artist and Malcolm is one of the folk world's best kept secrets, revealed hitherto only to those attending one of a certain number of small singing weekends. But I've found and linked here to a review of Moira's Solo CDs from some years back, written by no less than - you've guessed it - Roy Harris! I can personally guarantee that this will be a real treat of an evening and, as is often the case with Tigerfolk, I'm proud to say, something that you won't have many chances to experience elsewhere.


50 Shades of Grey & Embrace         Once upon a time there was GU4, (or Guffaw, as you please), a storming 4-part harmony group who sang around the festivals of the Midlands and were universally admired for their range of material and stonking, full-blooded harmonies. They disbanded, alas, following the relocation of 50% of their line up to the north-east and south-west reaches of England - not that they were actively trying to get as far away from each other as possible, you understand, it just happened that way; but it did make close harmony rehearsals a bit impossible. The 50% still left were Bill Wilkes and Karen Harris; festivals baulked of their wish to book G4 persuaded them to carry on but a new name was required so they became 50 Shades of Grey (a bit unfair in Karen's case). Then Karen also started singing with Ed Butler, similarly at the request of outside agencies, and thus Embrace came into being. It is possible that, with this joint booking, Tigerfolk may have contributed to the organic development of this supergroup; Embrace the Grey??? (NB The link on the heading is to the website of the Grand Union Folk Club, where all this started off).


Dave Goulder         Surely Autumn is the wrong season for this guest; shouldn't we be booking Dave at the start of the year? But he's so much more than just The January Man; read the list on the Home Page of his website, go on, I challenge you; how many of you knew that he'd done all that? I understand Grand Central Railway will be working with us towards this booking, to mention just one string to Dave's bow. We just want to hear him sing and play; don't care about all his multifarious doings , he's one of the pillars of the English folk scene and we can't wait.


Martyn Wyndham-Read  

Arnold Martyn Wyndham-Read is an English folk singer, who was a collector and singer of Australian folk music. He lived and worked in Australia from 1958 to 1967 and was subsequently a regular visitor to the country. Wikipedia So now you know; I don't think he'd be pleased if we all greeted him as Arnie, though ... we wouldn't do that. It's Christmas! Spirit of goodwill, etc; a good time to welcome the mastermind of Maypoles to Mistletoe - well, anytime is a good time to listen to Martyn, one of the finest voices, most accomplished and knowledgeable singers, finest of raconteurs and simply nicest of people around. Our Christmas present to you, our good friends and cherished audience!




January 6th   


New Year Sing


July 7th


Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman

February 3rd Stanley Accrington


On Holiday - buckets, spades & umbrellas
March 3rd
Judy Cook September 1st

Autumn Singaround
April 7th
Will Kaufman presents

Woody Guthrie & "Old Man Trump"

October 6th
Pete Burnham
May 5th
Singing in the May November 3rd Bill Crawford


June 2nd
"Cotton Town Chronicles" presented by Peter and Barbara Snape December 1st
The Noble Family




New Year Sing:         Our traditional start to the year; join us for your Twelfth Night Feast of Fools (or, if you prefer, Feast of The Kings) celebration.

Stanley Accrington

I cannot tell you how much personal pleasure it gives me that John has booked Our Stanley for the Tigerfolk Birthday night. Need I say more? Bring on the cake and the candles!



Judy Cook

... and Dennis Cook as well, surely? I rather think these two should have equal billing, in the light of the wonderful evenings they have given us in the past. No matter how many times we book Judy we always get something new - she is meticulous in her record keeping, knows every song she's ever sung for us on past visits and makes sure of that! Check out their internet radio show on Wednesdays as well (see the website) - a bit more traditional than Radio 2's offering and amazingly varied (it must be; they've even played a couple of my songs; not that I'm biased, you understand ...)


Will Kaufman Woody Guthrie & "Old Man Trump":

Google Will Kaufman and up comes the sidebar profile for the Professor of American Literature at the University of Central Lancashire: shome mistake surely? Not at all. This is definitely not going to be an academic lecture, but it is most certainly going to be a night out of the ordinary and not to be missed by anyone, young or old, who loves the place that folk music holds in our society and needs to be reminded about what the past can teach us about the present ,,.

When I was about 14 I picked up two of the three Library of Congress records of Woody Guthrie out of a cardboard box outside a shop on my walk to school for the princely sum of half a crown each, only to have my father immediately buy them off me because he realised what they were really worth (he let me keep the Pete Seager album bought in the same lot). That was my first indication of how important this guy Guthrie really was and those albums became part of the soundtrack of my teenage years. I am really looking forward to April 7th.


Peter and Barbara Snape:  "Cotton Town Chronicles":

At Whitby Folk Festival, 2018, John, Sheila and myself all went along to see the Cotton Town Chronicles show presented by Peter and Barbara - and unanimously agreed that Tigerfolk should see this as well. Despite being booked to do the show in a room with no projection facilities at all Peter and Barbara held us enthralled; we know it'll be even better when we get them a real screen and that you, the Tigerfolk audience, will enjoy it just as much as we are going to do the second time around.


Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman

Some time back Dave and Anni were forced to cancel a Tigerfolk booking and we've been trying to get them back ever since. They are two of our favourite people / artists (both); their mixture of south-western and northern roots, wonderful voices, harmonies and Dave's own songs as well (often sung to the accompaniment of Peter Bellamy's old concertina) have made them part of the backbone of the English folk scene. Welcome back!


Pete Burnham

The wanderer returns ... Singer extraordinaire with a repertoire spanning everything from the arcane to the classic join-in-the-chorus and former Leicestershire folk organizer, Pete would have been dreadfully missed once he and Kate decided to retire to the seaside back up north - except that, fortunately, he frequently returns to pay us passing visits on his jaunts up and down country! We are extremely pleased that he has agreed to take a break from his National Trust scrub-bashing and River Coquet trout fishing to give us the pleasure of a whole night of his songs; this will be a rare opportunity to appreciate the full width of Pete's extensive experiences in folk music - one night may not be long enough ...

[Despite having known Pete for years I could only find one photo of him in my extensive collection; it seemed an appropriate one, however. His friends would definitely recognise him from this ...]


Bill Crawford

From the heart of the West Country comes a singer who we've only once seen in the club - he dropped in out of the blue a couple of years back on a passing visit with friends; Martyn Windham-Read was the guest that night, I believe. Bill brings a lifetime experience of Devon song and singers, and in recent years has become known beyond his native singing grounds as far north as Yorkshire - anywhere there's a bloody good session going on, in fact. He's going to send me some details of all his singing collaborations and groups at some point, but until then you'll just have to take it from me that there have been lots of them. This is going to be a brilliant night and something new for the Notts / Derby / Leics folk scene; If you already know Bill's singing you won't need me to urge you to be there but if you don't, you don't know what you've been missing - so don't miss this!


The Noble Family

This photo was taken on an occasion that I never thought I'd witness; a bar in West County Clare ringing to the strains of The Holmfirth Anthem - with plenty of the Irish audience joining in!

First there was the Holm Valley Tradition - four blokes from a small area of the Yorkshire Pennines singing local songs who took the National Folk Festival at Sutton Bonnington by storm, back in the 1980s. Then there was Will Noble and John Cocking, great favourites and good friends of Tigerfolk over all the years the club has existed. Now there's the rising generation: Lydia and Cuthbert singing with their Mum and Dad - which means we also get to hear some of Pippa's own repertoire (she has a fine line in traditional French songs, for one thing).

What a wonderful way to round off the year: Merry Christmas, everyone!