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This is the 2017 programme of guests so far booked to appear at TATT.


Past experience shows that there may be additions and changes as the year progresses; the page will be updated as soon as humanly possible when these occur.


The names in the programme list link to notes further down the page and, where they exist, I have hyperlinked the artist's names to their websites  - or to any website that might give more information about them -so you can find out more about them there. I was interested to see how many self-effacing singers who've never felt the need to create themselves a site can now be found on Wikipedia! This leaves me free to ramble on in an entirely personal manner here ...


January 1st  


New Year Sing


July 2nd


Will Duke

February 5th Dave Burland


On Holiday - buckets, spades & umbrellas
March 5th
Len Graham September 3rd

Welcome Back Sing
April 2nd
The Spiers family


October 1st
Mat Green and Andy Turner
May 7th
Val Marsden and Graham Pirt


November 5th Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunn
June 4th
Bob Pegg December 3rd
Dave Webber and Annie Fentiman




New Year Sing

Dave Burland

Our Birthday guest for 2017 couldn't be a more fundamental element of the English Folk scene if he were perched on a maypole and garlanded with holly, ivy and green willow with a nightingale singing on his shoulder ... quite an image. Can it really be true that he has never been a guest at Tigerfolk? I found that hard to believe (once I could have relied on an e-mail from Cardiff putting me right, but alas, no more). And yes, our unofficial Archivist Dave Sutherland records that Roy himself booked Mr. Burland back in the old days of Traditions at the Tiger, sometime around October 1993, although in the end his visit came after Roy left for Cardiff. But first time or just first time for far too long, it will be our very great pleasure to have Dave Burland back as this year's birthday present to ourselves.


Len Graham

Now Len is no stranger to the Stumble Inn. His past appearances have drawn audience from Lincolnshire to Sydney Australia (the last time Len was here was the last time we saw Brian Dawson, who travelled down specially to see Len and gave us a Tennyson Lincolnshire dialect monologue from the floor. But I digress). Not surprising, however, since here we welcome back possibly the finest singer of the Irish tradition, a man with a repertoire no less astonishing than the fund of stories that go with those songs, many of which he collected himself. I don't think there's a singer alive in any part of Ireland who wouldn't acknowledge Len Graham as probably the greatest living authority in the field. And he's such a nice man as well!

(Len at Cullerlie Traditional Singing Weekend, 2012)


The Spiers Family

Tom, Maggie and Emma gave us a great night a few years back and it's going to be a real pleasure to welcome them back. Since their last visit, Emma has been a guest on her own at Cullerlie, that great touchstone of traditional singing in Aberdeenshire, and is generally building up a solo reputation to stand beside that of her longer-established parents! The Spiers family are firmly rooted in the traditions of North East Scotland and sing (and play) individually and together with the fluency born of a lifetime in the traditions of that region. Welcome back!

(Emma as a guest at Cullerlie Traditional Singing Weekend, 2014)


Val Marsden and Graham Pirt

Remember Cockersdale? Of course you do. But there's more to Graham and Val than just the wonderful songs we remember from that line-up. They are both accomplished solo singers as well as fitting naturally into harmony from their many years of singing together. I'm personally really looking forward to this chance to hear the two of them together. No website for either of these excellent but modest singers so I have given a link to the memorial performance of Cockersdale for Keith Marsden, which you might like to have anyway. The only sites to have caught up with their fairly-recent partnership (launched at Whitby this year, at the Graham Miles tribute, I believe - but don't hesitate to correct me if you know different) are those of other clubs who have booked them - so I suppose this site will soon been turning up in that list!


Bob Pegg

Many years ago, on holiday by the shores of Lough Ness, I took my daughter to see a Community adaptation of Macbeth played out in the ruins of the chief castle of the original historical character and we found, to our pleasure, that the project was managed and directed by Bob Pegg. My daughter already knew him as the man who ran the Children's Drama Workshops at Whitby Folk Week rather than as the musician I remember from previous years. For years, we all though Bob Pegg had renounced singing for theatre and story telling. We were right - he had - but now, to our great relief, he's decided to embark upon a short singing tour - very short, and this will be one of your very view chances to get to hear him ; not an opportunity to be missed.


Will Duke

Some long years ago we last had Will Duke and Dan Quinn from Sussex as our guests. For several years now there has been a personal dialogue going on between myself and our Booking Supremo, John, along the lines of: Me: When are you going to book Will Duke? John: I'm trying, I'm trying! Well, he's finally succeeded. I count myself as very lucky in that I generally get to hear Will singing, if not playing the concertina, at least twice a year, in small singing weekends, but it will be the greatest treat to end our summer season with a whole evening of songs and tunes from him. If you haven't heard Will's deadpan delivery of certain comic ballads (e.g. The Long Moan) you don't know what you've been missing. Don't miss this night!

(Will looking pensive during the Dorset Singing Weekend, 2014)

Welcome Back Sing

So the holidays are over, you're back home - time to meet with friends (old and new) and sing / listen to a few songs. What do you mean. you're still on holiday? You don't know what you'll be missing in the upstairs room of the Stumble Inn; we often get special guests coming along at this time of year, just to join the craic.

Mat Green and Andy Turner

One band has been consistent in upholding the best of the English tradition of Southern English song and dance music over the years; that's Magpie Lane, from the heart of Oxfordshire. Matt and Andy are the core of Magpie Lane and we've booked them before at the club so we know what a splendid night we are in for here. I have to say that their CDs are my go-to playing when I want to get back into the soul of English tradition or just have cheerful background music to keep up my spirits through boring housework or long motorway drives. This is the very soul of the English tradition.

Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunn

At the end of January this year I was lucky enough to catch an evening in the company of these two at the famous Goilin Singers' Club in Dublin (see the link to the Goilin on out Links page). They were launching their latest CD - which I'd already had since the very first moment it became available last year; this is a magical combination of Graham's intricate and highly individualistic guitar playing with Niamh's legendary, ethereal voice. Niamh's choice of songs is unerring as ever; years of professionalism condensed into every track: I particularly recommend The Men that God Made Mad and The Road to La Corunna, and to hear these songs performed live is an opportunity that few venues in the UK can offer you - they spend more time in the States than over here. But, hey, Niamh is an old friend of the club by now - would we turn up the chance to get hold of her? You're kidding!

(Photos taken at the Howth Singers' Circle Sunday afternoon Farewell session, at the end of the2017 Burns Night Celebration weekend: January 22nd., 2017)


Dave Webber and Annie Fentiman

The best way to celebrate Christmas, if not with family, is with old friends and Dave and Annie are  one of the best couples around when it comes to the real thing. Wonderful harmonies, a wealth of traditional repertoire from this meeting of the South West (Dave) with the North East (Annie) as well as Dave's myriad own compositions, so many of them well bedded down in the foundations of every good singaround in an English traditional club, or wider afield, indeed. And so we will bring 2017 to an end this year with absolutely the best friends the folk scene could have - and that includes you, so put the invitation into your diary now!

Merry Christmas!